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Introducing Mobile Computer Aid

Welcome to Mobile Computer Aid (MCA). We are a small business operating in the West Midlands area, starting in the Tipton DY4 area and working outwards for a radius of about 10 miles. We are self taught and have worked with Windows computers for over twenty years - there isn't much about them we don't know.

New! See our Remote Repair service!

We don't have shop premises, but we are mobile and we can come to you. Would you rather pull all the cables out the back of the computer, load the computer into a car and later struggle with putting all the cables back in? Or would you rather not do all that faffing around when somebody can come to you physically or remotely?

A lot of what we do can be done in the comfort of your own home at a time to suit you - or even down your own internet connection. What do we fix? We can fix a wide range of computer/laptop issues including but not limited to no internet, "not coming on", unrequested pop-ups, "strange" message/behaviours, the "user profile service failed the logon. The user profile cannot be loaded" error... There isn't much in the way of Windows issues or symptoms that we haven't seen or can't find a solution for. On rare occasions there may be nothing we can do for your machine but where we can help, we will.

If you just need some advice as to what to do with your computer in order to get it to do a certain job (such as you want to get into Crysis and blast the stuffing out of anything that moves), we can do and quote that too. And supply the parts to make it happen.

Our pricing structure is simple. We'll quote the job first. Typically its an hourly rate plus component parts, but often an hour is all we need. The core target working area is addresses in postcode areas DY1 to DY6, DY8, portions of B62, DY3 and DY9, B63 to B71, WS10 and WV14, however we can come further if you ask us to.

We don't carry bucketloads of stock - items that commonly fail we will usually have with us or can get fairly quickly. However everything else we will get as and when we need it. We can also do a lot of other computer related activities too, such as website design/updating and renewing the hosting/domains on your behalf. Basically if it involves a monitor, keyboard and a main unit, we can probably do something with it.

Introducing MCA's owner Neil Jones

Neil Jones is the owner/proprietor of MCA. Originally born in West Bromwich and bought up in Tividale, he moved to the Tipton area in 2010.

Neil has been working with computers since the days of the Amstrad/Commodore/Spectrum tape-loader home machines, and has had access to a Windows PC since 1996. He achieved an A-Level in Computing which was more of the programming side of things. For his main coursework project Neil put together a decent (if he says so himself) computer adaption of the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? programme which still works six versions of Windows later!

He later worked for 12 years in a retail "computer shop" environment, joining initially as 'chief principal coffee maker'. After proving that he knew what he was doing, Neil was eventually "promoted" to coffee drinker, lead IT technician and shop manager/habitual coffee drinker. He was told at the start the difference between coffee maker and coffee drinker.

In his spare time Neil loves all things technnology, is a keen fan of Cities Skylines (after the disappointment that was SimCity 2013), loves Family Guy (and TV as a whole) and the internet, having had access to it in one form or another since 1999. He loved Windows 7, swears by Firefox as a web browser, swears at Windows 10 on occasion and recommends solid state drives for all computers.

Neil Jones is trading as Mobile Computer Aid. Based in Tipton DY4.